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Questions, problems and fears asked by our customers:


„We have a fashion webshop with more than 100,000 visitors per month, but the traffic is too small and our costs are too high. The conversion rate is low and our weekly newsletter is ineffective. We are afraid we will go bankrupt. How can we evolve to the next level?”

“I need to invest more cash or bank loan in my own business, otherwise the development will stop, I don’t know how to start. There is always money left from the budget but only for firefighting. I want to get back on track for growth!”

“I’ve heard about PPC, SEO or email marketing, but honestly, who can follow these new trends? How much money should I invest in marketing anyway? I can’t keep up with new social media trends: I post on Facebook every day with no results – I need more recurring customers but I have no idea how to get them!”

“I need a business plan to get money from the bank and calculate my break-even point. I’m a manager but I don’t have a clear view of my income or expenses… is my pricing strategy set up properly – who can help me?”

If the above questions have been on your mind for some time, then you are in the right place.


You seem to be prepared to have a look into the cruel mirror.

Pandorant does not invent, but manifests dreams!


We offer a solution to those micro and SME businesses in the e-commerce, who are dedicated to their goals, but are stuck or unable to allocate their resources properly. However, if your business does not have a vision, we will not be able to help. It follows that we are not good at “everything”… and we will not undertake a project in which we cannot demonstrate success…

Our consultants have experienced first-hand the financial, marketing or operational challenges of the past 15-20 years, so they know for sure that

the “can-do” attitude is not enough in itself.

In short: we offer real solutions to urging problems. We raise the operation of your company to a conscious, professional level, such as:

  • development of a marketing strategy
  • project management
  • preparation and review of a business plan
  • drawing up a financial plan
  • liquidity analysis
  • fundraising

all this at the level of consulting and implementation. Believe, as the title says: at Pandorant, we focus on you and your business.

pandorant consulting


Our consulting and management methodology is designed to satisfy all business needs. Although as mentioned, we will not be partners with every company. On the one hand, we do not understand everything: there may be extremely specialized areas.

This becomes clear during the warm-up, just as it is when there is no harmony between us and the customer. There are no unnecessary projects and no unnecessary meetings. Time is money.

Especially in current economical circumstances.

Our work schedule is characterized by a hard, result oriented focus. We provide an intensive support network, during which we scrutinize the processes that form the framework of the company, its future strategies and the points that hinder them.

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If you’ve decided to make a change and make your vision a reality, get to know the possibilities – without obligations! If you’re uncertain, here are a couple of our successes:

“It is important to us what kind of success our client achieves because we are result-oriented from one to the other.”
We help our clients with senior experts who are prepared and trained in real situations – not with the “magic” of pseudo-scientists who have completed coaching courses. Passion fuels each new challenge: the desire to improve the lives of a company and its direct owners and employees. Our mentors manage the companies as if they would have founded them themselves. They follow the latest trends: in this way, the channels and settings proven in tests (e.g. Klaviyo email flows, PMax campaign) generate money in our customers’ accounts in a short time.

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Pandorant Group (Éva) has improved several of our financial processes – at our Hungarian subsidiary. This has made our operations more efficient. The communication between us was also exceptionally smooth. Our global management also took notice of the expertise of our new consultant. That’s why we decided to entrust Éva with additional assignments.

Haley White

President, Filtration Group USA

Although our shoe-webshop was the legal successor of a 15-year-old brand, the growth stopped at one point and we could barely cover our costs. The Pandorant team mainly increased the efficiency of PPC and the results of the mail system. In addition, it also included customer service, so the customer could have a complete picture of us. Our monthly turnover tripled in less than half a year!


owner, Borgo

Our business has been operating for years; a webshop where you can use your baby’s hair or your pet’s fur to make jewelry. At first, everything went well, but in the last year, the traffic started to decrease and we lost the development focus. Pandorant’s revenue reports highlighted the products that should be dealt with in the long term and also those that should be let go if we want to optimize them.


co-founder, Örökszép

As a start-up company, it is very difficult to recognize where external help is needed in the management of finances: where the old-school accounting office is “not enough”. Reluctantly, we decided to open up to consultants, and I can safely say that it was only an advantage that we got in touch with Pandorant and started working together for the next two years.


co-founder, Webshippy


If you’ve decided to make a change, get to know your best options – without obligations!