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Our main focus lies in providing assistance to retail and/or online sales businesses facing development obstacles, aiming to expand their operations, or those who are at the early stages as small players and aspire to raise capital for their growth.

After all, success is often so close we are just incapable recognize it

We encountered a similar situation with one of our clients who runs a fashion webshop. They were concerned about the possibility of having to lay off employees if their income didn’t experience a significant boost. However, through meticulous fine-tuning of their system, we achieved remarkable results. Their website traffic tripled, as depicted in the Google Analytics chart, and they were able to sustain their conversion rates. (You’ll find more success stories here.)

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Business Planning

Without a well-defined path, businesses often find themselves operating on a day-to-day basis, which ultimately leads to failure while competitors gain a significant advantage. To ensure successful growth, it is essential to develop a detailed and precise business plan that articulates clear goals and a vision. This plan serves as a blueprint that can be effectively communicated to investors, colleagues, banks, or any other potential lenders. 

Webshop Development

The quality of customer support plays a vital role in the success of a webshop. It encompasses the responsiveness of the website, effective utilization of social media platforms, efficient organization of purchases, and overall operational efficiency. At Pandorant, we assist you in identifying weaknesses that, when addressed promptly, can significantly boost sales revenue or reduce operating costs. 

Analytical Mini Audit

While it is not essential for a leader to have an in-depth understanding of digital data fundamentals or formulate strategies solely based on numbers, it is crucial to have specialists who excel in these areas. At Pandorant, we offer an instant service that caters to individuals curious about the intricate connections within the extensive landscape of Google Analytics charts. This service proves particularly beneficial for identifying areas where marketing effectiveness can be enhanced and promptly addressing any underperforming aspects. 

Marketing Strategy

Are you tired of “coach gurus”? Pandorant sets itself apart with a distinct methodology. Once the BMC matrix and buyer personas are established, we diligently examine the existing PPC and SEO strategies, conduct thorough analytics analysis, diagnose the desired basket value, and develop strategic steps. All these efforts are aligned with the business and financial plan that is carefully prepared throughout the process. 

Email Marketing - Klaviyo

Our company has achieved remarkable results for numerous e-commerce shops by utilizing the Klaviyo system. This powerful tool not only sends newsletters to targeted customer groups but also incorporates an exceptional auto-remarketing feature known as Flows. By configuring algorithms for greetings, customer recovery, cart reminders and browsing abandonment, we leverage the FLOW system to boost website traffic.


Financial literacy is indispensable for any business’s growth. Without proper metrics, key performance indicators (KPIs), and data analysis, it becomes challenging to determine if we are progressing in the right direction. This emphasizes the significance of incorporating and enhancing controlling processes, evaluating performance, and formulating development proposals. At Pandorant, we place great importance on continuously gathering and analyzing data, enabling us to implement timely changes when needed. 

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