Project Management, Financial and strategic planning, operations management, online marketing audit:

from the basics.

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We primarily help businesses dealing with retail and/or online sales who are stuck in development, want to scale their activities, or are “just” small players who are just starting out – and are ready to raise capital for their growth.

After all, success is often so close we are just incapable recognize it

Same as with one of our clients – operating a fashion webshop – where they were afraid that they would have to start lay-offs in case the income did not start to increase drastically. Fine-tuning of the system proved successful, which led to a tripling of traffic (see: GA chart) and maintained conversion rates

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Services. Personalized. As every case is different.


Business Planning

Without a plan, the goal is also nebulous. Many businesses go from feeling day to day, which leads to certain failure and the competition quickly gains an advantage. With clear goals and a vision, the most important point of growth is to prepare a precise business plan, which we outline clearly for investors, colleagues, banks, or any other lender – thus saving time, energy and last but not least, unnecessary pitfalls.

Webshop Development

Crucial point in the life of an online webshop is the quality of its customer support; how responsive its website is, how it uses the various social media platforms, how it organizes its purchases, and how efficient the operation is. Which colleague spends how much time on his work phases? We help you to determine the weak points, the quick elimination of which can increase the sales revenue several times or reduce the operating costs. It is easy to get lost in development directions; we will show you where you should go.

Analytical Mini Audit

A leader doesn’t necessarily need to understand the basics of digital data: it is neither necessary to create a strategy from these numbers. Specialists should be employed for this. That’s why we recommend this instant service to anyone who is curious about the connections inherent in the vast chart forest of Google Analytics. It is also useful if we want to know at which points the effectiveness of marketing needs to be improved and which faucets need to be closed off immediately.

Marketing Strategy

Many people were disappointed with the services of agencies or “coach gurus”. However, Pandorant’s methodology is unique. After the BMC matrix and buyer personas have been determined, we scrutinize the PPC and SEO strategies so far, analyze the various analytics, diagnose the desired basket value and strategic steps – all in accordance with the business and financial plan prepared along the way.

Email Marketing - Klaviyo

It is a part of marketing strategy consulting, but it can also be handled separately. Our company has generated high opening and purchase rates for several eshops through the Klaviyo system, which not only sends newsletters to our customer groups but also an excellent auto-remarketing (flow) tool. Well-configured greeting, customer recovery or cart and browsing abandonment algorithms that communicate in the FLOW system drastically increase traffic. All this with a high rate of return!


There is no development without financial culture. Without metrics, KPIs and data, it is impossible to see: are we going in the right direction?! That’s why it is important to incorporate and develop controlling processes, examine performance and develop development proposals. We constantly collect data and analyze it so that, if necessary, we can implement changes in time. All of this is immediately available in the form of automated reports with clear analyses.

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