Pandorant Success Stories

Projects where our clients have achieved business success

This is the storytelling section where we outline some of our project methodologies, steps, and outcomes. We won’t be sharing case studies; instead, we’ll provide examples of success stories that illustrate how we achieve the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) set by our clients. We’ll only share information that is public.

So, here are a few insights into the world of Pandorant:

They’ve welcomed 4 new colleagues on board because we’ve generated an abundance of high-quality leads

Organizing education isn’t easy from a marketing perspective, especially when there’s no checkout page to funnel processes. Our client signed a one-year contract with us, knowing that we would fundamentally transform their processes, which would yield results only after 4-6 months. Through the buyer persona development, audits, website transformations, and numerous discussions, we gained a clearer understanding of this market segment, where we saw significant market share opportunities. The breakthrough came after 3 months of PPC scanning when we identified a gap where few serious players had positioned themselves.

“In the following 3 months, we generated over 1000 leads from applicants, all while maintaining a substantial ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) of over 10.”

At one of the meetings, the owner announced that they had hired 2+2 new sales colleagues to handle the extensive organization and administration workload. Jokingly, Zoltán, the CEO, remarked:

Competitors are asking why we’re thriving so much during cucumber season? And all I could do was just hum along, not wanting them to know about you guys...’

A few weeks later, we also received a lead assignment for their home insulation campaign (since they have a construction general contractor division), and in the first week alone, we secured two contracts

Their factory emptied out: too successful email marketing 

A well-known Hungarian dietary supplement brand enlisted us to build their email newsletter strategy. The work began as usual, involving research, market insights, and analyzing previous advertisements. Simultaneously, we set up email flows on the Klaviyo platform. Segmentation was in its introductory phase when we sent out the first joint newsletter for two sub-brands. Even this email immediately outperformed the previous ones in all metrics (open rates, click-through rates, and purchases), doubling the results.

However, the breakthrough came with the 3rd campaign:

It generated so many orders that it sold out the scheduled production quantity for the next 2 weeks. In other words, the factory ran out of stock.

Of course, we weren’t entirely thrilled about it because it disrupted a crucial phase of the project. Still, it’s safe to say that this was a temporary, one-time issue. (Improvements in supply chain flexibility were also necessary.)

klaviyo setup
email success

American Factory, Hungarian Subsidiary, Premiums for 40 Employees

Originally, our assignment had nothing to do with bonuses. The international company that manufactures airbag components was without a global CFO, and we were brought in to bridge the transition period with our financial controlling expertise. Meanwhile, some skeletons came out of the closet, most of which we managed to resolve before the new financial leader arrived. However, there were also challenges regarding annual bonuses, specifically that the original calculations would have left all employees of the Hungarian subsidiary without their due bonuses.

We requested all the relevant databases and discovered that there was an error in entering certain items, and by rectifying this, everyone received an additional half-month premium payment.

Although the project was initially only supposed to last 2-3 months, we have been working with the American parent company and their Hungarian subsidiary for half a year now, as satisfaction is high from all sides.


We consider these business development cases particularly important to highlight, but of course, we could continue with other stories. However, these are our favorites.

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